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Ian Smith artist. Ian Smith artist. Ian Smith artist.  Well that should keep Google happy and now a BIG welcome to the real people! 

I live in Yorkshire and paint using mixed media including watercolour, gouache, pastel, house paint, car paint, wax crayon, acrylic paints and inks... in fact anything that I feel might work.

I learn mainly through experimenting and am influenced by a wide range of local contemporary artists including Katherine Holmes, Debbie Loane, Robert Dutton and Rachel McNaughton, as well as artists further afield such as Lewis Noble and Kurt Jackson...and traditional artists too such as Edward Seago.  My local East Keswick Art Group is a great supportive environment and I am delighted that the public have voted my paintings 'Best in Show' in recent years.

I paint for fun, interest and excitement, trying to capture the character and atmosphere of subjects rather than an accurate photo-like representation.  I like the freedom of painting what I like and I hope you like it too! 

Everyone reacts to paintings differently.  I react to them differently at different times, so please let me know what you think using the 'Contact' page.












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